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Beauty On A Budget : Top 5 Under £10

As much as we all love our makeup and beauty items, they don’t always come at the cheapest prices. I’m just like any other makeup hoarder, who is guilty of stacking up on expensive makeup and to be honest; when I review all my makeup, many of my faves are on the lower end of the price spectrum AND can even reach to the same quality as the more expensive items.

So today I have for you  my TOP 5 beauty items under £10!! 

Sleek i-Divine Palette (Storm 578) (Click link for prices)


I don’t have a lot to say about Sleek as a brand itself because I haven’t tried out many of their products but having heard a great deal about their eyes shadows i decided to go out and buy one just to test out. I went for the Storm 578 palette as, it had a few neutral shades which caught my eye along with some contrasting bold bright shades which I thought I could use to add a pop of colour. In store, I did a few swatches and was rather impressed but the real test was how well this stuff applied on the eyelids.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a clear enough picture to explain the results but, IMG_3738 (4)the eye shadows are absolutely and amazingly pigmented. They blend out very well without any harsh lines and are great when it comes to transitioning into different colours. Also, considering the fact that they are highly pigmented, they don’t have a great deal of fallout, what could be better? Well… let’s not forget about the fact that there are a range of palettes with different color combo’s available!

So, if you’re considering investing in a high end palette, by all means go for it! BUT, try to give these a go too .. (they won’t hurt your purse as much).

Sleek Face Contour Kit (Click link for prices)


Ahh, Sleek has made a second appearance in my top 5! Yes guys, this contour kit is just as amazing as the above eye shadow palette. It comes in 3 different shades ; Light, Medium and Dark to allow individuals to decide which contour shade best suits them. I went for the Medium, which comes with a cool toned brown contour and a luminous highlight.

Once again, the pigmentation on these are very good. The contour shade is very true to it’s colour and allows you to sculpt your face without making it look too muddy. The highlight shade however is not as pigmented on the skin as it appears on the fingers but, this is not a disadvantage at all, because if it is built up, it gives that perfect but natural looking highlight that is suitable for everyday wear. Yes, i’l admit it’s not on the level of Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Pop but for £6.49, you really can’t go wrong!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (Click link for prices)


If anyone knows me, they know how much of a concealer junkie I am! I can go as far as saying I have tried nearly all concealers from boots/superdrug over the past few years. I am always on the hunt, and even though I have found my ideal concealer (Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer) – it’s not exactly under £10.

I cannot believe I didn’t get on this bandwagon earlier! I’d heard the hype but never actually considered this concealer and when I did…

This concealer is great! It comes with a doe foot applicator which is quite useful as, you can just use as much as you need. The consistency of the concealer is quite thick and opaque so it does a wonderful job at covering those horrid eye bags – I must say, it is one of my absolute must haves! (great for starters too!)

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder (Click link to see prices)


This was the first ever setting powder I decided to get about 2 years ago and since then I have gone through 3 pans of these (currently on my fourth). I haven’t really tried out many pressed powders which is why I can’t compare this effectively.

But just on a brief note, this powder is pretty much a lightweight standard powder that does it’s job well. I have it in the shade translucent so it does not give me extra coverage or make me look cakey – just simply sets my foundation and helps me ‘stay matte’ throughout the day.

LOreal Paris Miss Manga Mascara (Click link for prices)


For someone who has pretty short and straight lashes – this mascara does wonders for me. It gives me great length, volume and curl and I can even add up to 3 coats of this without making my lashes look clumpy.

Additionally, regardless of the fact that this isn’t a waterproof mascara ; I have realised that even when it rains my mascara does not smudge or flake off. It really is the ideal mascara for everyone.

So, that’s it for my top 5 under £10 – make sure you leave your comments of your favourites, i’m always up for a bargain!

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Makeup Forever HD Foundation (MUFE) : Review

Having heard just about enough of this foundation, I decided to venture into its “HD” realms!

To begin with, I used to find my perfect shade. I have absolute faith in this website as it has never let me down. The shade finder matched me to : #153 Golden Honey

Now of course, being a UK citizen I found it extremely hard to find a supplier of Makeup Forever based in the UK so purchasing this tease turned out to be a bit of a waiting game UNTIL… DEBENHAMS UK launched the MUFE line exclusively on their website in May 2015!


SURPRISE SURPRISE, almost every shade was out of stock… (BUMMER!) and the waiting game began once again. Fortunately, after a few weeks of research, I came across  who are London based suppliers of many makeup brands at great prices! (Be sure to check them out!).

Moving along…

Foundation Overview :

“The MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Complexion products use innovative formulas to create a new generation of makeup which is both invisible on HD cameras and to the naked eye. HD Foundation combines flawless coverage and an extremely natural finish.
The Sericite contained in HD Foundation heightens the diffusion of light and intensifies the glow of the skin.
Enriched with moisturizing agent, HD Foundation” –

Application :

The first thing I  decided to apply the foundation with was my Real Techniques Buffing brush, which is what I typically use for most of my foundations. Now.. at this point I was completely UNIMPRESSED!  It made my skin look patchy and was just not an over all smooth look but, I was determined to make this work for me. So then I used my Real Techniques sponge (while damp) and it blended like a DREAAAAM!  Let’s also not forget the ever so handy pump it already comes with! The pump is your standard pump.. At first you do need to push down quite a few times for product to begin to come out but, other than that it’s a decent pump where you can effectively control the volume of product taken out.

Note : My skin is on the dry side so for those of you with oily skin, maybe a brush could have worked?  Just not for me unfortunately...

Texture & Finish :

The foundation itself is quite runny, you could blob some on the back of your hand and watch it slowly run down – which I believe is a good feature as it means that the foundation is easily blend-able. IMG_3431

With one layer of this foundation ; it gave a light – medium coverage which was of course build-able. Due to the fact that I have slightly blemished skin, to reach my preferred coverage I added two layers of this foundation and i’ll tell you one thing.. IMG_3450it was NOT cakey at all! I was quite surprised actually, the foundation felt very lightweight, almost as if i weren’t wearing anything at all! Once my foundation was set, it looked so smooth on my skin (even with the blemishes I had), the foundation was almost UNDETECTABLE as it claimed!  I don’t know about you guys but lightweight foundation with a great coverage is a winner for me!

Overall :

I have had this foundation for  a month and a half now and sadly I have abandoned all my other foundations because of this bad boy! The longevity of it is amazing ; I can go a full 9 – 5 day without it starting to wear off. However, I would recommend using a light powder to set this foundation because even for a dry skinned lady like me, the foundation can go slightly more luminous than desired. That was the only downfall for me personally as, I don’t like to powder my face due to my dry skin but once I do that, I do set my makeup with a setting spray just to give me back some moisture!

The colour selection is great, I feel they have a shade to match the majority of beautiful skin colours out there and the Makeup Forever website even has its own shade finder which makes it a whole lot easier for you to choose. Can’t get any better can it? … OHHH, YES IT CAN!
As for the whole “HD” aspect of the foundation, I must say it photographs beautifully. The foundation can really take that dull drab look from your face and make you appear more lifted and awake!

It was worth the high price tag. Well worth it and worth a try for all you curious minds out there!



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